Monday, 1 February 2016

DIY Lerberg Trestle Ikea Hack Bedside Tables // Interior

It's a brand new year and what better way to start it than with a total bedroom declutter and revamp?! 
For months now I've had it in my mind that I need matching night stands, which are totally my style, affordable and not mainstream. I decided to take to Pinterest for some DIY bedside inspiration to make something which was completely unique. I came across a post (here) which used the £5 Ikea Lemberg Trestle's to create an amazing industrial style nightstand which got me thinking about how I could make it my own. 

I've linked as much of the stuff I used below, most of which was from B&Q. 

For 2 matching tables you will need: 

1. Remove all packaging from the Lerberg Trestle's and lay the parts flat on an old sheet in a well ventilated area. Take your primer and give the pieces one thin coat making sure all sides are covered. Once the primer has fully dried, continue by giving the pieces two thin coats of the black spray paint, allowing to dry fully between each coat and again, remembering to make sure all sides are covered. 

2. If you haven't already cut your wood to size, this is the best time to do so. I managed to get my all my wood from the scrap section at BNQ for £2.00 and then cut to size for free!

3. Remove all dust and debris from the wood, at this point I covered mine with marble vinyl paper but you could customise yours by painting or varnishing! I cut the vinyl to size,  ensuring there is enough coverage each side (a good few inches) to wrap around to the bottom side of the wood. When applying the vinyl to the wood make sure you are gently stretching and pushing out any air bubbles with a damp cloth as you pull it around the edges to give you a sharp clean look. Repeat to all four pieces of wood. 

4. At this point once the Lerberg Trestles have completely dried, you can go ahead and construct them using the Ikea instructions. These only take five minutes - just be careful not to scratch your fresh paint job! (I scratched mine when a screwdriver slipped out of my hand, resulting in an extra coat of paint!)

5. This is a crucial step which ensures there are no gaps at the back of your night stands. Push the trestles right up to your wall, making sure the back pole is touching the skirting boards. Take your measuring tape and measure from the wall to the top bar of your trestle that the shelf will eventually sit on. This is the distance you'll use when attaching the shelf and trestle together. 

6. Place the top shelves top face down and the trestle upside down with the top bar against the bottom of the shelf. Using the measuring tape again, make sure the distance between the back of the shelf and the top bar is the same as what you recorded in step 5.

7. For this step you'll need two sets of hands! Once the trestle is lined up correctly, you'll need someone to hold the trestle still. Take 4 of the 'Copper Pipe Clips', placing them evenly over the top bar and screw (using screws shorter than the depth of your wood) them down as tight as possible. Repeat on your other trestle using the remaining 4 pipe clips.

8. Turn your trestle the right way up and slide your 2 remaining shelves onto the bottom bars.

9. **(Optional) If the top shelves of your night stands do not seem strong enough for your personal use you can add the 'Corner Brace Brackets' which screw onto the back of the shelf and then into your wall for extra support.

I hope you all enjoyed this little project, let me know if you'd like to see more! 
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