Wednesday, 11 February 2015

45 Minutes in Ikea just isn't enough.. // Haul

As you all know - especially if you follow me on twitter or instagram, that I am moving house in the next week or so, I literally haven't been this excited in my life!  Currently, the only thing I do during my day is daydream of painted white, wood floorboards and all the other gorgeous 'pintrest' style bedrooms. 

The other week I popped into Ikea just before closing (to some, 45 minutes wouldn't be classed as JUST before closing time - oops!) and picked up a few accessories for my bedroom / bathroom. The theme of my bedroom is going to be very minimalistic having only white, grey and black decor with hints of copper within the accessories and lots of leafy green plants. 

Would you believe that all this just came to £18?! I thought these items were fantastic to start off my monochrome, minimal theme. I really like the white ceramic dish, I love the idea of having it on a bedside table with rings in. Originally I was looking for a marble effect dish but I can't seem to find one anywhere! So, if anyone knows where I could find one please let me know!