Sunday, 14 April 2013

Recent Thrift Finds // Haul


Hey guys!
It's been a while since I've done a haul of all the things I find in my local charity shops, as you all know I am trying my hardest to save money for my holiday in August so more thrifting has been on the agenda. I noticed that my previous thrifting haul had gained a fair few views and comments, and my pile of finds had been growing rapidly, so a haul it is! I've been quite lucky with my finds recently, I've managed to come across some pretty great brands, some even designer. Look out for these items in future posts as I have a few outfits planned with them. I almost feel a bit mean posting thrift hauls, because I know personally when I read other bloggers thrift hauls I tend to feel slightly envious that I'm unable to find things as good as them in my local charity shops nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! 

Shelter Scotland // £1.00
Originally from H&M
Banardo's // £1.99
Salvation Army // £3.49
Originally from H&M (mens)
Mary's Meals // £2.50
Salvation Army // £1.49
Salvation Army // 99p
Thanks to my friend Nathan for these, he snapped them up for £5!
Authentic Dr Marten 
Mary's Meals // £1.99
Authentic Yves Saint Laurent


  1. You're so lucky! These really are incredible finds!!

  2. I love those Doc Martens!! I have some neon pink ones, but they cost me a hell of a lot more, so £5 is bloody amazing :) I really like your blog, I like the idea of comparisons between products!!

    Love Eve <3