Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nike Blackboard II ( Nike Airforce 1's Dupes?) // Shoe Unboxing

Hey guys,

How hot are these kicks? I'm absolutely in love with them!

So, I had been lusting after some Nike Airforce 1's for a while but I wasn't quite sure about the bulkiness of them, I don't really think I suit a chunky shoe. The soles and the velcro strap around the ankles on the Airforce's are pretty thick. I love the look of completely white high tops I just needed to find some that were perfect for me. After eyeing up the Airforces & some Reebok Classics I came across these beauties in Sports Direct, reduced to £40.00 from £60.00! I think they're a lot like the Airforce 1's just a much slimmer version.

I would say the sizing of them comes up a little big, so I would advise going down half a size. They are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own, I can't wait to wear them with my midi dresses/skirts, lots of gold jewellery  and a leather biker jacket - so look out for future posts featuring these. How would you style them?!

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