Saturday, 16 February 2013

Chanel Inspired Beanie // Review

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Hi guys! 

How amazing is this beanie?! I came across it the other night on Etsy. I've been wearing beanies non stop recently and when I saw this I fell in love. I bought this late tuesday night and it came today (saturday) - So, delivery was super quick! I'm so impressed with the quality too, they are embroidered on 'Beechfield' hats which are 100% acrylic which means they're really soft and not itchy. I've got a few plain beanies by that brand from eBay here (so cheap). The store I got this from is on Esty called 'TheTshirtShop'. You are able to choose the colour of both the beanie and embroidery which is great and they sell lots of other designs such as Versace etc. The beanie is £9.99 and they offer free delivery to the UK which is great. I highly recommend the store, super quick delivery and great quality!

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