Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Rio Sonicleanse // Review

This is going to be a post on my new Rio Sonicleanse. Yes, you may be thinking it looks pretty similar to the Clarisonic... And to be perfectly honest, they basically do the same thing! Now, I'm not an expert on skincare nor have I really been into it for that long but I know for sure that this is a god send. For those of you who haven't been introduced to the sonic skin care hype yet let me fill you in... These brushes are meant to remove more make up than manual cleansing, reduce the size of pores and make the skin appear much softer, smoother and radiant.

After a few months of 'umm-ing' and 'arr-ing' about whether to take the plunge and purchase the Clarisonic I done some research into some cheaper alternatives. Whilst researching I found there were a few types of facial cleansing brushes - On the lowest end of the price scale are the manual brushes, then battery powered, and then rechargeable ones. As a general rule I don't usually purchase anything which is powered by batteries when there is a mains powered alternative. When reading reviews on the battery operated ones customers were explaining that the motor inside isn't at all strong enough and as soon as you put it to your face the vibrations become very weak or stop all together. I've heard a lot of good things about the manual brushes though, I know the Sephora one is quite popular! As for mains powered facial cleansing brushes there wasn't many to choose from except the Rio Sonicleanse, Nutra Sonic or various models from the Clarisonic family.

When I received the Sonicleanse in the mail my first thought was 'Oh no, it's in a really small package..'  But to my surprise the actual product itself is a perfect size. The Sonicleanse also comes in an aqua colour and light blue. I chose the beige colour just because it was £10 cheaper (such a cheapskate I know). In the box you receive the Sonicleanse, 2 brush heads, a cradle, mains cable and a manual. After charging the unit for at least 8hrs it's ready to use. There are two vibration intensity speeds on the Sonicleanse and a timer which will bleep after 20 seconds, it does this three times to allow you to cover the centre of your face and the left and right side. After the 60 seconds is up the Sonicleanse will turn off automatically. 
The Rio Sonicleanse retails usually at around £49.99 although can be picked up for £39.99. 

I use the Sonicleanse morning and night with the Soap & Glory's Hot Cloth Cleanser. After cleansing I tone with Lush's Tree Tree Water and then moisturise with La Roche Rosay's Effaclar Duo. After using the Rio Sonicleanse for a week I have already noticed a lot of difference in my skin. My pores have dramatically reduced in size and it looks much more radiant. I have also found this makes my moisturiser sink in a lot quicker which then leaves my skin super soft and foundation appliction seamless. At the moment my skin is going through the 'purging' stage which is expected to happen with a cleansing brush. It just means it's doing its job, cleaning out the congested pores, this will go after a few days when they're completely clear. I will keep you all updated with how I get on with the Sonicleanse in weeks to come. 

- The Price (More than half the price of the Clarisonic)
- Additional brush heads x4 £14.99 
- Two vibration speeds, handy for those with more sensitive skin
- Charge lasts more than a full weeks usage 
- Two year warranty included

- Brush heads could be softer
- Could be a bigger colour selection 
- I feel the timer could last longer, I often restart after it switches off
- Could have a corresponding cleanser to use with Sonicleanse 

Purchase Rio's Sonicleanse for £39.99 here 


  1. I've been looking for a cheaper alternative for the clarasonic for ages this seems perfect! Thanks a lot

  2. So glad to see this review. I was considering a clarisonic for Xmas but didn't want to wait. I was in Boots today and saw the Rio Sonicleanse for half price... 24.99! I wasn't sure I had made the right decision but I feel much better after your review. Thanks!!