Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Paris/Milan Chic At Affordable Price? | Cheaper Alternatives

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Hi guys!
Okay this may be quite a controversial post today.. But I know there are quite a few bloggers that are now sort of promoting 'fakes/dupes/cheaper alternatives' like the CĂ©line t-shirts and Kenzo jumpers. I know there are some people who are totally against this, which is pretty understandable! But how I see it is.. I still want to achieve the look? And I'm not prepared to wait months, even years to save up for say, a Chanel bag? When I can get a damn good look-a-like for a fraction of the price. Yes, fair enough it would be well worth the wait for something as timeless and beautiful as that, but let's face it - not everyone can afford the designer price tags.

Feel free to let me know your views and feelings on these types of things, I know everyone is different! 

I hope you enjoyed my little finds!

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