Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Boots - Part II Dupes!

Hi guys,

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! Just a quick post today as I was scanning through some Chinese/Japanese online stores and came across amazing Tardy dupes! I recently done a shoe unboxing post 'here' on my Tardy's I got in November but have heard a lot of people are struggling to get hold of them now - I know the red ones are a lot easier to get than the black. The ones I found certainly aren't as high, which can be a plus for some people but the stitching and lace eyelets are really similar! Also, the very front of them aren't as curved up as the JC's which would probably make walking much easier as you do get that 'tipping' forward feeling when wearing the Tardy's. 

(apologies for the watermark, couldn't find any other pictures)


As you can see of course they are not identical but they are so similar - you could without a doubt achieve the same looks with these. I also think you could get away with these dupes much more in the day time than the Tardy's. 
I hope you enjoy my 'Dupe' posts, as I'm always looking out for really good cheaper alternative to things! 


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