Monday, 30 December 2013

Boxing Day Sales // Haul


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Hey guys, 
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I just thought I'd share with you a few bits and pieces I've picked up in the sales over the past few days. I haven't been all that impressed with the sales this season, especially the Topshop sale.. There just wasn't as much there as I'd expected there to be. 
I can't believe the floral two piece from River Island was finally in the sale, I had been lusting over it for a few months now and just couldn't justify buying it at full price. I was so surprised to see the top and shorts were both down to £15.00 each when the top alone was £35.00 full price! Unfortunately I couldn't find any links to it online but It's definitately worth checking out your local store for. I thought they were pieces that had endless ways to style them up. 
I think my second favourite purchase would be the paisley kimono (number 3) from Select Fashion. This is the first thing I've ever ordered from Select - It's a pretty hit or miss website in my opinion there are some real tacky pieces but also the occasional gem! This kimono is certainly one of them and £6.00 you cannot go wrong. 
I also decided to jump on the Ted Baker wash bag band wagon, I needed a big make up bag and this was in the Cruise sale for £15.00 - bargain! I think out of all the sales I've checked out this season Cruise is by far the best, amazing discounts!
I still haven't finished my sale shopping yet, I'm looking to get some more as we go into the new year hopefully there will be even more discounts. Have you found any gems in the sales this season? I'd love to know! 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tartan Worry // How I'd Style

So, last week I had a lovely follower Caroline, contact me in a bit of a panic about what to wear to a school reunion. I was so flattered that she had asked me! The reunion is Tartan themed which instantly got me excited to have a look around at this seasons hottest trend. 
I thought the easiest way for me to show Caroline how I'd style tartan would be to put together a collage, so she could grab some inspiration. I went for two different styles, the first one has quite and 'edgy' look about it, which is very much how I'd wear tartan. The second look is much more classy - which I personally think is perfect for a school reunion. 

Look 1 

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I love this look, it's the one that's more 'me' out of the two. The toughness of the chunky heels and leather jacket would give quite a grunge look where as the sleek silver jewellery, the hat and fluffy bag would keep it all very feminine. 

Look 2

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This look is so elegant, I think the leather gloves and fur collar would really make this outfit super classy yet the overload of gold jewellery would still keep it looking trendy!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Ebay Gems // Wish List!

Hey guys! 

Okay, so I may have been a really bad blogger and totally neglected you all..  But I'm back from my holidays, I've started college & a new job so things are pretty hectic! Anyway, as you all will know by now I'm an avid eBayer and I buy probably about 40% of my clothes on there, and along the way I find some proper bargains which I know you all love to see. Everything in this post I love and would wear, I especially love the little yellow bag it reminds me of one Zara bought out this summer which I never managed to get my hands on. I've been shopping a lot recently too, so my next post will probably be a collective haul so keep a look out! 

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cut Out Boots // Cheaper Alternatives (Under £50)

Okay.. So I may or may not have totally neglected you all, my bad! I've been super busy as I've just started a new job, went on holiday and now I've been accepted into college. Total madness recently, so my apologies. But, I'm back now with so much stuff I want to share with you all.

I'm so over summer already, up here in Glasgow I'm pretty sure we only had 2/3 weeks worth of sun which isn't long enough for me to keep up my excitement. I've already started transitioning my wardrobe to A/W, I cannot wait for the cold, crisps days were I can throw on hundreds of layers and my favourite boots. Which brings me on to this post.. Cut out boots!

For the past year or two cut out boots have been creeping their way into the high street after the influx of the famous 'Balenciaga' Ceinture's and the 'Jeffrey Campbell' Coltrane's & Roscoe's. I thought I'd put together a little post on some of the more affordable cut out boots available on the high street now. All the shoes featured in this post are under £50.00, so they're super affordable.

I also want to mention an amazing website called '' they sell old stock from brands like Topshop for a fraction of the price. I recently grabbed myself some 'Arabel' boots for £30.00!! They often restock sizes and I have seen some bargains on there, I'd definitely go check it out.

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Friday, 17 May 2013

Paisley & Skorts // How I'd Style

Hi guys, 

I've been seeing this Zara skort creeping up everywhere recently, I absolutely love it. Like I said in my previous post I've really been liking very minimal sophisticated styles recently, I think it's partly to do with me growing up, and maturing as a person. I couldn't be happier that monochrome is still so on trend this season. The 'Skort' retails for £25.99 on the Zara website, although I have found a few cheaper alternatives on eBay for as cheap as £3.99 which I will leave links to. 
I think I've found a new love also, Daniel Wellington watches.. Move over rose Michael Kors fanatics?! I think these are absolutely beautiful, 21st birthday present please?
How would you style these pieces? 

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Cheaper alternatives: 

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ebay Gems // Wish List!

Hey guys, 

Just another quick eBay finds post as my watch list just keeps getting longer. How gorgeous are the pointed flats? I really think they look 'Chanel-esque', sophisticated and a lot more expensive than £7.59! They would also look amazing paired with the sunglasses. I'm definitely getting the swimsuit for my holiday in August it's a great dupe for the famous Victoria Secrets one.

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Heart by nANA JUDY // UK Debut & Giveaway?

Hey guys,

I was recently contacted by 'Heart by nANA JUDY' and was asked if I would share their new collection with my readers. To be honest I'd never actually heard of the brand before, but I hastily checked them out after being contacted. Now usually I wouldn't do these types of posts at all but I was so excited by the whole collection and can honestly say I'd wear every piece in it!
'nANA JUDY' is originally an Australian brand but they are now launching their 'Heart by nANA JUDY' collection in the UK for AW13. I'd definitely check them out!

''Striking a perfect balance between an edgy rock aesthetic and femininity. HEART is a mainstay of Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week and can be found in premier Australian department store David Jones in addition to over 100 boutiques nationwide. 

Priding themselves on their fit, fabrics and expert craftsmanship, each season the brand presents collections consisting of tops, denim jeans & shorts, casual & smart jackets, jumpers and knits. 

The brand releases four ready-to-wear collections for the Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer seasons, alongside two additional injection ranges each year.'' 

** The company have also gifted me with a piece from their fab SS13 collection which I'm actually going to give away to one of my followers! Would any of you be interested in this? If so, to enter just leave me a comment telling me you'd like to be entered and I'll pick a winner in a week or two! 

twitter - @nanajudyfashion 
instagram - nanajudyandfriends / nanajudyfashion 

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Motel Rocks 'Penny Babydoll Dress' vs USC 'Miso Stripe Skater Dress' // Dupes

Hey guys, 

Okay, so who hasn't been lusting over the gorgeous Penny dress from Motel Rocks for the past few months? Anyone? Well I've wanted it for far too long but have never wanted to pay (as usual)
£45 for it. I've been searching for a few cheaper alternatives and have never found one just right until now! I have to say, if you'd much rather have a better quality dress I would probably go with the Motel Dress, but as I'm the time of person who would much rather get the look of something for a cheaper price, the USC dress is perfect for me. I love the contrasting stripes and think it's perfect for this season. I cant wait to pair it with a leather biker jacket and some boots or with some neon accessories! 
How would you style it? 

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* Motel Rocks has a 30% offer on just now until May 5th!
   Use code - VCAPRIL30 at checkout  

Monday, 22 April 2013

Cheap High Street Summer Heels Alternatives // Ebay Gems

Hey guys! 

Spring is upon us, and summer is close behind! Maybe not here in Glasgow quite yet, but definitely in the rest of the UK - not fair. I've been lusting over so many heels recently from Topshop, Office, River Island etc and as most of them are £50+ I took it upon myself to find some cheaper alternatives for you all. I came across an amazing eBay store called 'My1stWish' they sell amazing dupes and by the pictures they look like they're pretty good quality. I absolutely love the huge heels on all of these shoes, and I reckon they'd look adorable paired with some frilly socks! 

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nike Blackboard II ( Nike Airforce 1's Dupes?) // Shoe Unboxing

Hey guys,

How hot are these kicks? I'm absolutely in love with them!

So, I had been lusting after some Nike Airforce 1's for a while but I wasn't quite sure about the bulkiness of them, I don't really think I suit a chunky shoe. The soles and the velcro strap around the ankles on the Airforce's are pretty thick. I love the look of completely white high tops I just needed to find some that were perfect for me. After eyeing up the Airforces & some Reebok Classics I came across these beauties in Sports Direct, reduced to £40.00 from £60.00! I think they're a lot like the Airforce 1's just a much slimmer version.

I would say the sizing of them comes up a little big, so I would advise going down half a size. They are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own, I can't wait to wear them with my midi dresses/skirts, lots of gold jewellery  and a leather biker jacket - so look out for future posts featuring these. How would you style them?!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Recent Thrift Finds // Haul


Hey guys!
It's been a while since I've done a haul of all the things I find in my local charity shops, as you all know I am trying my hardest to save money for my holiday in August so more thrifting has been on the agenda. I noticed that my previous thrifting haul had gained a fair few views and comments, and my pile of finds had been growing rapidly, so a haul it is! I've been quite lucky with my finds recently, I've managed to come across some pretty great brands, some even designer. Look out for these items in future posts as I have a few outfits planned with them. I almost feel a bit mean posting thrift hauls, because I know personally when I read other bloggers thrift hauls I tend to feel slightly envious that I'm unable to find things as good as them in my local charity shops nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! 

Shelter Scotland // £1.00
Originally from H&M
Banardo's // £1.99
Salvation Army // £3.49
Originally from H&M (mens)
Mary's Meals // £2.50
Salvation Army // £1.49
Salvation Army // 99p
Thanks to my friend Nathan for these, he snapped them up for £5!
Authentic Dr Marten 
Mary's Meals // £1.99
Authentic Yves Saint Laurent

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy 1st Birthday!

Hey guys, 
So, I cannot believe it's been a year since I started my little blog. Safe to say I've loved each and every little post, follower, comment & view! There have been a few times where I've felt I have lacked motivation this year but then again, what blogger doesn't from time to time? There have also been times where I have had so many idea's and just not enough time to blog them all! 

So, as my 'blog birthday' wish, I wish that in the next year I can make more and more time for my blog and be able to use all the ideas I have. Also another thing I will do more of is post outfits! I alway tell myself that I will but I'm such a perfectionist and feel my photos never turn out as well as other people's OOTD's and such - maybe that's another lesson, to learn not to compare myself to others. 

Nevertheless, this next blogging year can only be better than the last - bring on the new posts! Lots of outfits,  plenty of hauls, and manny, many more eBay finds! 

Thank you!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ebay Gems // Wish List

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Hey guys, 

So I finally booked that holiday I was thinking of booking in my last post! I'm going to Corfu in August for two weeks, I really cannot wait. I've been getting a bit too excited and have already started holiday shopping. These are a few bits I found on eBay whilst having a gander. I adore the sunglasses and cannot believe they are less than £2! The floral shirt is a favourite of mine, it's a great dupe for the popular Zara one.


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Monochrome // Wish List

Hey guys!

Everyone has been talking about the monochrome trend recently and how it's going to be massive this season. To be honest, I couldn't be any more happier about that.. All I seem to wear is black and white anyway! Here are a few pieces I'd absolutely love to add to my existing, never ending, black & white collection. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the floral sunnies, they'll be perfect for taking the edge off of a grungy outfit! 

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