Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Black Milk Suspender Leggings // Dupes

Hi again guys, 

Two posts today, yaay! I'm going to show you a few cheaper alternatives to the amazing Black Milk 'Suspender Leggings'. Now, these of course are not to everyones taste but personally, I love them. They're so grunge, edgy and I think they could definitely be paired with almost anything. I bought some today (which are linked below) from an Australian seller on eBay, including p&p they came to £45.68 which is far cheaper than the Black Milk ones. As soon as they arrive I'll definitely be reviewing them and taking lots of snaps! To style them I'd probably wear them with my Cheap Monday  tee, Docs / Tardy's, a thick scarf and throw on an oversized denim jacket. If you've been looking at the Black Milk leggings for a while then I hope this post helps!

Firstly, these are the originals, they can be found here for $120.00 (approx £78). 
Black Milk also has free shipping worldwide this month!

Boohoo's version found here are only £18.00. 
Don't forget Boohoo also offer student discount!

These are the ones I purchased from eBay (Lip Service) here
including p&p they came to £45.68

Finally.. I found these beauties on 'Glamolous' here
and including p&p they only come to £30 ish!

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