Sunday, 23 December 2012

Follow Up To Xmas // Week In Pictures

Left to Right : 
1. I took my little brothers to see the Glasgow christmas lights, it really got us into the festive spirit they had so much fun on the rides there too!

2. Who needs Starbucks? I'm addicted to the 'Green & Blacks' drinking chocolate right now! 
3. I decided to get extensions, I'm sick of waiting for my hair to grow! I also lost a lot of length from the ombré I had due to the ends snapping (sad times). So I ombréd the extensions and dyed my natural hair dark again. 

4. Christmas nails! These took me forever, still not perfect. I really need to invest in some acrylic paint and decent brushes. 

5. I made chocolate chip cookies! Not very festive but they're cookies.. Enough said. 
6. Some purchases when I was supposed to be shopping for others oops! Platforms £12.00 in the River Island sale & the perfume £12.00 for 75ml which is my new favourite, bargains! (Review coming soon on the perfume).

7. My adorable baby brother, he was helping me wrap up our mum's presents! He would not take his santa hat off, too cute. 

8. Manis & Pedis for one! I always have a major pampering session just before christmas. Soap & Glory's 'Heel Genius' is my holy grail foot product works absolute wonders. 

9. Part of my Christmas day outfit (OOTD post to follow). Top is from 'New Look' about 3/4 years ago, found it in a bag of old clothes in the attic. I love finding pieces that I've forgotten about and bringing them up to date.

Just a quick update - I know I've been saying there will be more OOTDs but there really will be now! I finally managed to get a fixing plate for my tripod so I will be snapping away over the festive period bringing you lots of Christmasy outfits. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Black Milk Suspender Leggings // Dupes

Hi again guys, 

Two posts today, yaay! I'm going to show you a few cheaper alternatives to the amazing Black Milk 'Suspender Leggings'. Now, these of course are not to everyones taste but personally, I love them. They're so grunge, edgy and I think they could definitely be paired with almost anything. I bought some today (which are linked below) from an Australian seller on eBay, including p&p they came to £45.68 which is far cheaper than the Black Milk ones. As soon as they arrive I'll definitely be reviewing them and taking lots of snaps! To style them I'd probably wear them with my Cheap Monday  tee, Docs / Tardy's, a thick scarf and throw on an oversized denim jacket. If you've been looking at the Black Milk leggings for a while then I hope this post helps!

Firstly, these are the originals, they can be found here for $120.00 (approx £78). 
Black Milk also has free shipping worldwide this month!

Boohoo's version found here are only £18.00. 
Don't forget Boohoo also offer student discount!

These are the ones I purchased from eBay (Lip Service) here
including p&p they came to £45.68

Finally.. I found these beauties on 'Glamolous' here
and including p&p they only come to £30 ish!

For sale!

Hi guys, 

Just a quick post to say I currently have loads of stuff for sale on my eBay! I've recently been on a sort of 'healthier eating regime', it's working - all my clothes are becoming loose and just don't look as good on me as they used to. So this means sell, make money and buy more (yes!). 
Hope you're all well and enjoying the wonderful festivities! 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Heeled Chelsea Boots // Shoe Unboxing

Hey everyone! 

  Another shoe post today, and again I'm finally jumping on the band wagon with these shoes too. I've wanted these for so long but I refused to pay the price for the Topshop 'Allegra's'. I also refused to buy any of the cheaper dupes on eBay as they all have a horrible seam on show at the front of the boot and I really didn't know what the quality would be like. 
 Anyway, I went shopping the other day and went into 'Garage Shoes' which is a place I've never been into only walked past thinking it just wasn't my type of shop. I saw these in the window and fell in love! I really like the fact they don't have the big chunky platform at the front like the others, I feel it makes the shoe look a lot more feminine. The little stud hardware at the back of the boot is also really nice as it's a bronze-ish colour which looks great with silver, gold and rose gold accessories (I'm very fussy when it comes to matching jewellery with metal accents on clothing and shoes). I got them for £24.99, such a bargain! Garage shoes often have great deals on where you can buy one pair of shoes and get another half price etc! 
  There are a lot of great 'Allegra' dupes out there, I shall link some below so you can check them out if you're interested. 

My Chelsea boots - Garage Shoes
Chelsea boots 1 - eBay
Chelsea boots 2 - Mr Shoes
Chelsea boots 3 - New Look