Thursday, 1 November 2012

Recent Charity / Thrift Shop Finds

Hi guys!

Recently I have been trying to build up my A/W wardrobe. Charity shops are a great way to find some amazing vintage pieces to kick start season transitioning, very affordable too. Throughout the summer I literally found nothing in charity shops, I have no clue why, but I'm so glad I've found these pieces over the last month! Going to try and keep up the blogging regularly, so far so good. Also I'm thinking of doing some outfit posts, what do you think? 

  PDSA - £3.99                                                   Banardo's - £1.99

Mary's Meals - £2.50                                       Cancer Research - £4.99

Banardo's - £1.99 (Studded myself)                                                   Salvation Army - £3.50

Salvation Army - 50p (each)

Salvation Army - £1.50

Mary's Meals - £2.00

Banardo's - £1.49

Mary's Meals - £2.00


  1. You are so thrifty! I wish I had the patience to hunt round charity shops! Xxxxx