Monday, 21 May 2012

Exams, Curvy Girls & Crop Tops? | OOTD

Hi everyone!

I've had so many exams this week and last, all I have been doing is studying! No time for shopping (with an exception to ebay shopping hehe) or blogging unfortunately! To top that all of, my Macbook has broke, therefore, I've not been able to edit pictures for a lovely posh outfit of the day post! As soon as it's fixed there will be lots more posts coming up!

In the meantime this is a small outfit of the day post! I wore this to my maths exam today, enjoy!

1. Vintage Levis Denim shirt - Charity Shop / Thrift

2. Aztec Print Crop Top - Topshop 

3. High Waist Leggings - Topshop

4. Vintage Dior Belt - Charity Shop / Thrift

5. Lips Ring - Topshop

6. Abe Chelsea Boots - Topshop

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