Wednesday, 18 April 2012

London Haul | Topshop, Monkii, Camden, H And M, Newlook, Primark


It's been a few days since my last post but I did say next would be a London haul, so here it is! There are a few bits that I bought just before I went but it's mostly from my London trip! (You'll have to excuse the amount of ceases etc, they've all been sat in a bag for almost 2 weeks.)

 Fake Channel: Camden (£12) Hamsa Hand: Accessorize(£6) Multi Chain Cross: Topshop (£12.50?)
Black PU Leather Purse: Monkii (£6)

Vectra Studded Slipper Shoes: Topshop(£28)

Vertical Strip Vest: Monkii (£8)

Denim Look Bralet: Topshop (£16)

Bruce Springsteen Tee: H&M (£9.99?)

Peace Oversized Tee: Topshop Realitee(£22)

Speckle Knit: Topshop (£26)

The Smiths Oversize Crop Top: Camden (£16)

Drop Hem Skirt: Primark (£8)

Maxi Skirt With Slits: Newlook (£6 reduced from £18.99)

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