Friday, 13 April 2012

London | April 12'


   So, I'm not long home from a 10 day holiday in London, seeing my boyfriend. Unfortunately he doesn't live here in Glasgow so we take any opportunity possible to see each other. London was amazing as usual - we tried to cram so much into the time we had. Even though we had been to most of these places before, it's always nice to re-visit and be able to enjoy them even more.

   Our first visit into the centre was to Oxford Street and the surrounding areas (Carnaby St etc). I got some really lovely stuff that day - I managed to get some Topshop Vectra shoes finally! Everywhere in Glasgow were sold out of them - once I saw them I literally needed them. Also, this was the first time I'd been to Monkii (which is my new favourite shop ever), everything in there is just so nice! They don't over do it with detailing and their pieces aren't too plain, they're just right. I bought a few things from there too.

   The next time we went into the city centre was to Camden & Leicester Square. We left the house pretty late (around 4pm), for me, this turned out to be the perfect time to be in these busy parts of London. I really can't handle all the pushing and shoving! When we got to Camden although some of the stalls had started closing up, we still managed to find some good'ens. A few shopping hours later and it was time for food, mexican wraps yeah! Leicester Square was a totally different atmosphere it was way too busy, even at almost 11pm.

   The rest of the the trip was just as lovely, I'd be here for hours listing every detail. I cant wait to go back down when it's sunny. The next blog post will probably be a London haul!


  1. I love London & I really miss it there!
    You have a great blog!
    Can we follow back each other?